Long awaited updated (from Fukuoka Japan)

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It’s been a week so here’s a blog post about whats happened so far.

I left London as planned and flew to Beijing. The flight was alright. A lot of Chinese people which … was quite unusual for me. Especially when they all spoke Mandarin. I’m more used to the Cantonese speaking crowd. Definitely wasn’t bad at all.

I got to Beijing and the airport was huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge. Heres a picture of the place while I was waiting for my next flight to Fukuoka during that 19 hours of waiting time (seriously, it was that long and I didn’t have a lot of internet time .. and when I did I could only use Gmail)


I have no idea whats with the Russian guy who’s in the picture but him and his friends were also camping in the airport next to me.

So I got on my next plane which went to another part of China before going to Fukuoka annnnd it was quite a short trip. Very very tiring, especially when I had only 2 hours sleep on the plane from London to Beijing and maybe an hour in the airport after that.

As soon as I landed in Fukuoka though, i instantly woke up. SO MUCH GREEN!!! (at least in the airport and around my area)

I moved into my new Japanese flat and it’s quite small. Not too big but it’s good for me. I also got to meet my 2 flat mates, both american and pretty nice people.

I love Japan right now. I hope this year goes slow for me because I just want to enjoy this part of my life as much as I can (and not take it for granted)

Since then, I’ve pretty much tried to settle in, buy the daily necessities before the school semester started for me .. and try to meet as much of other people as I could.

So now a few days later and its a Saturday. Lots of rain, kinda cold … just like home but this kind of rain was not so heavy but was quite a downpour. While I was going to a 100 yen shop the other day I decided to take a quick photo of the campus I go to (below)


Lots of vending machines all over the country. It’s very convenient but at the same time, if you keep using these things because theyre so convenient then your money kinda goes away a bit quicker than you’d think. So I just try not to buy drinks I really dont need unless I have an absolute craving for something. I’m already trying to cut down on my caffeine intake anyway.

Later that day one of my flatmates was going to a small gathering with everyone and asked me to come out. I thought ‘yeah why not, at least I get to meet more people and it might be fun’.

I’ve never had such a fun night like that Saturday. Japanese beer at this place … forgot what it’s called but they serve it in big mugs that they also put in the fridge so it keeps the ice cold beer cold for longer .. oh man … it tastes so fresh and i could just marry beer right now.

At this party, they have this thing called Nomihoudai (飲み放題) and for certain beers, it means it’s like a buffet. You order certain drinks and you can drink as much as you can for a set price for a set time. I only had 2 mugs .. not sure if its a pint each but it was delicious. And cause I knew my limit I just stopped after my 2nd round.

Heres a pic my flatmate took and sent to everyone when we went. I’m pretty sure they won’t mind …


Oh I almost forgot .. I knew before coming here that there would be a few churches at where I’m staying (Ogori-shi 小郡市) but I ran into this one below by mistake. Glad I found it but it seems like there’s no evening service which was when I took this picture. It’s not the same one I was planning to go but it’s definitely closer to my campus


Ok .. i’m a bit tired so i might have missed something. Let me know in the comments if you wanna know more!


One thought on “Long awaited updated (from Fukuoka Japan)

    Hilary Nickell said:
    24/04/2013 at 8:46 am

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks so much for the news and pictures – it’s great to visualise you actually there!
    Keep safe, stay happy! Hils

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