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So .. This week was pretty much me getting stuff together and trying to do some work. Which I actually did! Sorry for being late this week, it’s been a bit busy here and there.

For the past 4-5 days straight I’ve been going to a donut shop to study with some friends in the same class as me. When people say ‘lets study together’ it always turns out to be just everyone messing around.

But, here we never mess around unless we’re taking a break. We actually do our homework .. and then afterwards whether we’re hungry or just had enough, we go out somewhere and relax.

We all get along really well and everyday’s a fun adventure.

Speaking of adventure, I met up with my penpal ‘Sky’ and her friend ‘I-Chan’. All 3 of us went to Dazaifu last Saturday .. kind of like another version of Kyoto but a bit smaller. But, there is so much green, amazing history and just as much color. It’s a tourist area in Kyushu prefecture, at least … just one of many anyway.

I took a few pictures while we were there but my favourite has to be this one because the scene was incredible. You can see the small mountains in the distance and the breeze that day was gentle.

My family want to come up here to look around next year. And when they do I’ll take them here because not just the history and the scene is great, but you can taste great food also. Traditionally made!


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