Gaining weight & staying healthy in Japan

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I’ve been telling myself to go to the gym for years but never did (because I’m generally lazy) until the beginning of last month where I decided, change is needed. The problem is my metabolism is extremely high so anything I consume I will burn off real quick. I’m guessing my daily calories are around 1500-2000 a day.

so to actually gain muscle and weight, I have to double the amount of calories I eat daily, otherwise all that exercise is just not doing much. Which now means anything around 4000 is fine and my 3 meal a day becomes 6 meals a day. I also need a lot of protein so I cut out all the unnecessary carbs and replace that with even more protein.

Eating chicken everyday becomes very boring but to make it less excruciating I mix up a lot of seasonings.

One thing I realized also was that my entire life of consuming stuff like crisps, rice, spaghetti that were made up of carbs were the reason why I would also feel full after a meal. After eating with my new meal plan I started to get hungry real fast (within an hour or 2) even though those meals were pretty big.

Now to counter that I had to be careful with what kind of carbs I would eat. Below is the kind of breakfast I eat.

But during weekdays when I have to rush to work, chewing in the morning becomes too much effort. So I blend it instead and drink it in 2 cups.

Lets see how this goes for the rest of this year


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