C++ template metaprogramming introduction

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C++ template metaprogramming introduction.

So far I’m on chapter 3, and my source now looks like below:

#include <iostream>

template <int N, int D> struct Frak {
	static const long Num = N;
	static const long Den = D;

template <int N, typename F> struct ScalarMultiplication {
	typedef Frak<N*F::Num, F::Den> result;	

int main() {
	// std::cout << Factorial<5>::result << "\n";
	typedef Frak<2, 3> Two_Thirds;

	typedef ScalarMultiplication<2, Two_Thirds>::result Four_Thirds;
	std::cout << Four_Thirds::Num << "/" << Four_Thirds::Den << "\n";
	return 0;

When executed:

@benjamin.lo% g++ templates.cpp
@benjamin.lo% ./a.out


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