Programming – the important of design patterns

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It’s common sense to have some concrete design in your software not just for other people to understand your code, but also later when you have to modify your own project it will save you time.

You could be debugging in spaghetti code and try to “fix” 1 bug and cause 32 more defects to appear.

That’s my situation right now. Except before I allow any bugs to appear I have to consider putting everything into a new design that makes more sense. My approach would be the MVC approach (Model View Controller)

Model: the template
View: the GUI
controller: the code that does all the work

The view would talk to the controller for some data to be calculated.
The controller would look at the model while processing the requested data.
The model is .. just there like a confused bf passing stuff to his woman when she needs something.

Ok I’m done talking, lets start revamping this mess.


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