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Updated my experience page as a self reflection on what kind of technical skills I’ve learned here in Japan ( https://kagato0110.wordpress.com/programming-languages/ )

… turns out I know quite a bit (in terms of technology) lol

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The Angry GF (A non-released Unity, C# Game for Android & iOS)

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For a few months I’ve been working on a simple retro-style “flicking” game for Android & iOS. A lot has changed during the production and well .. long story short: My idea wasn’t good enough.

So why not release it as open source? Makes sense. Plus a lot of people out there need some information which I’m giving away for free and that itself makes me happy 🙂


You can download the entire source code and its resources (except BGM because I didn’t make them) from my Github: https://github.com/benji011/AngryGF