How I came to Japan



I studied BSc Software Engineering at Oxford Brookes University for 4 years. I had always wanted to study and go abroad to Japan for a very long time (ever since I was a 7 actually) but my course didn’t have this feature for me that was that.

After graduating university in 2011 I got a job at Oracle corp ( ) where I worked as an IRT Support staff. I belonged to the Japanese team where I took calls and handled problems in there native tongue so this was a night shift and I did this for 2 years.

During the 2 years I found a neat, cheap Japanese school in Fukuoka Japan called NILS ( ) where a famous YouTube blogger Micaela Braithwaite had also studied at. Studying abroad as a student first was easier than finding a job from abroad and I didn’t really want to teach English because of many reasons which I will write about later.

After completing my 1 year abroad, I got a job at Gumi West ( ), a company that develops social games for GREE, Mobage, D-Game and for smartphones also.

To this day I still work here writing code for a living. And I love it, especially that I get weekend breaks to see my friends and do fun stuff in Japan!

If you have any questions, Please drop me a message/comment, or visit my facebook and send me a message!


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