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Off to Japan!

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Almost set for Japan now. Decided to make this blog all english since I already have a Japanese one. And besides, I already told my family & most of my friends so I’ll use this more to update everyone back home, rather than writing separate E-mails back & forth. I think this should be better.


Some of my family and friends already know this but to those who don’t, Today’s the day I’m finally going to Japan to study for a year. Have been wanting to do this for a long while since uni but I couldn’t because of my degree (which was software engineering BSc)  and that got in the way with my minor degree. At that time (2009) it was impossible to do a year out in Japan. Although I think now Oxford Brookes University made it possible. I’m not sure, just a word of mouth so someone can correct me.


The school I’ll be going to is called NILS. If you’re interested in going too, then here’s the website: 

Ok I have to make this entry quick cause I still have left over stuff to pack then check, and then a friend is coming over to drop some stuff off and then I gotta skype some friends. Rush rush rush ……. Why in the world did I think it was a good idea to start packing 2 days before I would leave the country?!