Samurai Gunship – A retro flavour 2D casual shooter game!

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At long last I am ready to unveil a game I have been developing with Pamprepps Games in Japan for a few months. Thanks to my friend Lee Adams (a good friend from all the way back in the day when we used to play Beyblade and talk about Sonic the hedgehog) for composing the BGM!

An iOS is being released soon. Till then stay tuned!

DL link:

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◆◇◆Samurai Gunship◆◇◆
A simple retro flavour shooter game.
Destroy incoming enemy aliens to score points.

◆◇◆How to play◆◇◆
To destroy enemy targets, set your gunship into position by holding down the left or right arrow buttons. The fuel you carry doesn’t last forever, however you can extend the time you have left by collecting points and by moving through each wave.


BBQ & Japan updates

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It’s been another month since I last updated and as expected a lot of things have happened.

I used to work at a chinese restaurant the school got me. And while I am grateful for their efforts I didnt like it very much. It was good to work with Japanese chefs but there was absolutely no time to talk freely since it was always busy. But other than that I was just washing dishes and maybe cooking a little but not much. Carrying hot plates straight out of the machine did some damage to my hands so part of my skin in my fingers kinda melted off a bit and now i have to moisturize it like crazy.

Good news is though I quit that job over a week ago and I now work for Seven Eleven, which is a 24 hours convenience store all over Japan … kinda as popular as Starbucks now that I think about it. Seriously, theyre everywhere. I found the job and applied by myself and got it within that week. So now I have more chances to work with Japanese people and talk to them freely and theyre all extremely nice people too!

School was on a 1 1/2 month Summer break and 2-3 weeks later we’re now in Autumn break for a week. It’s … well I haven’t got any complaints because I still study but its nice to have someone help me in a while.



A few days ago me and some friends went to a BBQ with the owner of the Japanese bar Rough Times. They don’t have a website but they are mentioned here in a food blog site:


Just to better explain what sort of life I have in Japan I made a video and decided to upload it here! So without rambling on, please check it out in HD


《The Last Samurai 翻訳》 + small update

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Hi, Sorry I haven’t updated in a very long time. But to make it brief on the last one:

1) I’m finally leaving my part time job in that chinese restaurant because I got hired at an even better place to work, closer, better environment and better experience. Pay wise, not so much different. Still, good.


2) Studying has been on and off, but made up a lot in a lot of non english leisure time (films, books & friends etc)

3) It’s been pretty hot. Sweating like crazy.


Anyway I few weeks ago or two I watched The Last Samurai and one part of the movie got me thinking on how to translate it in my own words. So I finally got to it and here it is:


“From the moment they wake they devote themselves to the perfection of whatever they pursue. I have never seen such discipline. I am surprised to learn that the word ‘Samurai’ means‘to serve’…” 





Update from Japan 2

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I realized I’ve lacked updating this place for a bit .. but all for several reasons.

One was because I wanted to completely immerse myself in life without English at all … but some of my friends here don’t speak as much Japanese so it’s sometimes difficult to go through a day and not use English. But well, anyway there we go.

So everyday on average I use about 80% Japanese, and 20% English. Normally I never speak English to most people because I flew all the way here afterall to .. well, use Japanese.. although some of my friends here prefer english. Either because they’re shy, or theyre in a lower class than me

After landing in Japan on the first day I was already offered a 3 month english teaching job based in several cram schools all over the place in different towns. One in Kasugabaru (16 students), Another in Nishijin (7 students) and Chikushigaoka (also 7 students)

My favourite classes are Nishijin and Chikushigaoka because the students there have a lot of energy and *really want* to learn English. But for Kasugabaru they all don’t want to even be there.. yet they have to because their grades aren’t very good.

1 1/2 months later I also got another job at a chinese restaurant in the kitchen. Which isn’t really fun but money is money and I only do it to pay for expenses for living here. After all, life isn’t fair enough to just give you an easy living. You have to work for it. Same with school, you have to strive for perfection if you want to get somewhere in life

Speaking of school, everythings fine. Although the class I belong to is slightly easy now that I’m used to the course so starting next week I should be moving to another class. I was told the one I was in is the highest .. but from what I can see the class in the afternoon schedule is considerably moving faster because the majority of the students there are Chinese. So they know all the Kanji (but not necessarily read it), whereas here we learn the Kanjis (which I already know 99% of)

Overall, Part-time job and school is going smoothly. When I’m not working or studying I like to read books. There’s a book shop locally around my area that sells used books for a very cheap price from 105 yen to 450 maybe. Thats around 1 quid to 4 quid max.

The more I immerse myself into the culture and the language, the more aware and prepared i feel for the future.. which I’m praying everyday will lead to something meaningful enough to give back those who helped me come here. I not only have to give back but I want to.

It’s now been about 2 months since I’ve landed in Japan and I love every moment of it so far.

Anyway here’s a few photos I took here and there in my area.


This is one of the shrines in Ogori. Its very quiet and theres a park on the left. Me and a friend would sometimes hang out here to eat lunch .. or just have quiet time to end the day during the evening.


This is one morning on my way to school. Over in the distance are some low mountains. They’re not as visible as they are when the day is clearer and towards the afternoon.


And this is a typical sunset on a nice clear evening. Almost every evening I meet up with a friend to study in a donut shop (Mister Donut). The coffee there is incredible! for 242 yen you can get 1 cup of coffee and ask for free refills!

It’s a shame that they’ll be closing for good on the 28th this month. We’ll have to find a new place to study eventually.